In The Month Of October, Visitors To Houston Will Find One Of The Most Diverse Neighborhoods In T …

Sweet Houston is the location of a popular family-owned restaurant that serves authentic southern Texan cuisine. Located at 11th Street and Houston Avenue, Sweet Paris is nestled among high-rise condos, shops and historic buildings on the Houston Street side of downtown Houston. This family-friendly restaurant offers authentic southern cooking and famous southern cocktails and much more. Visitors are invited to come and experience the amazing southern flavors and fun-filled atmosphere while enjoying their favorite food, drinks and desserts.

The Houston Shopping Center, also located in the downtown area, is one of the largest


in the city with locations across the city.First-run, Houston children’s & classic films, as well as an assortment of international dishes, have been offered to guests in the movie theater. The theater is easily reachable from the Houston shopping center and walking distance to downtown hotels. A variety of second-hand finds and new merchandise are available daily from the movie grill. During the summer season, they offer “big sale” days to customers who purchase one item for every two items they buy.

Sweet Paris is not your typical shopping center. Guests are encouraged to relax, sit back and enjoy quality time with their family and friends while being entertained by live entertainment that includes favorites like the Champagne Cellar and the Vinyl Gas station.Dining room seating is available in the form of bar stools, sofas, comfy Texas chairs and an informal picnic table set up. While enjoying their favorite cuisine from a warm outdoor kitchen, guests can also shop for CDs, DVDs, or books from the collection of the store’s signature items.

The Concrete Market is a favorite among both new and old Houston locals. Known as America’s first indoor rock and roll stadium, it has been entertaining visitors since 1950.The stage is covered with a giant ceiling, giving the movie grill feel of a large auditorium. Standing beneath the stage is a massive LED screen that plays live music and videos. A concession stand at the front allows visitors to choose sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, or salads. While eating, they may also check out the giant video screen and watch their favorite bands from around the world.

Sweet Tomatoes is located on Houston’s Third Ward. In addition to offering delicious fresh hand-packed food, the shop offers unique products from various local growers.The shop also features a crafty food section, featuring handmade chocolates, pies, stuffed fruits, spices and 800 Town and Country Blvd gourmet tea. The popular sweet shop hosts a variety of local musical performances every Thursday and Saturday.

Visitors to Sweet Tomatoes enjoy finding their favorite sweets at one of the city’s top shopping centers. While there, they can also check out one of the popular outdoor restaurants and bars. Those who visit will surely find a favorite sweet shop and treat

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In The Month Of October, Visitors To Houston Will Find One Of The Most Diverse Neighborhoods In T ...